Amville School opened in August 2006 with the present pre-school and administrative building as the only facility. The school acquired the second building in 2007 and it is now being used as the Primary building. The school is based on Christian principles and children are taught Christian Religious education from the Kindergarten class up to Key Stage 2 with Key Stage 2 taking General religious studies as well.

The Curriculum is basically the British Curriculum with some use of the Montessori Method of teaching in the EYFS and a blend of the Nigerian Curriculum in the Upper Primary Classes.

The school strives for excellence offering a wide range of educational experiences. It is actively involved in being parents’ training partners, community service and celebrates the high scholastic achievements of its students. All that we do throughout the school is based on our school tag line ‘We care'.


We are a caring school committed to establishing a solid foundation for lifelong learning, providing pre-school, primary and Middle school education for boys and girls.

We are professionals operating within ethical standards.


Our mission is to provide an outstanding, rounded, and independent education with a broad balanced curriculum; operated by professionals in a caring,  vibrant and stimulating environment. We aim to foster an eagerness to learn and indeed maximize the potential of the child


  •            Christ
  •            Care
  •            Individuality
  •            Team Work
  •            Services to the Society


  • To provide a thoroughly resourced pre-primary, primary and secondary school committed to bringing out the latent potential in the child.
  • To provide a source of excitement and position to redefine learning for the child through contemporary learning techniques.
  • To be our parent training partner; promote and strengthen bonds between home and school believing that the child’s development is achieved cooperatively by both parties.
  • To build self-esteem and gentle enforcement of high expectations and clear routines through the quality of staff and student interaction.
  • To reinforce children’s learning especially in mathematics, communication, language, and literacy by learning through play and interesting practical activities, etc.           
  • To prepare the child for his own future through the integration of ICT in all learning experiences and develop an awareness of the world around.