About Amville

“Traditionally, Education is all about the three Rs:- Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic! However, at Amville, it’s “more than just education”. It’s about developing a TOTAL CHILD” – Mosun Owo-Odusi

Amville School offers an integrated curriculum: a rich blend of the foundation stage of the National Curriculum of England, the Montessori method of education and the functional kernel of the Nigerian. Our reason for this is simple-to produce a total child via applying essential elements of proven curricular in the area of mental, intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development.
The Amville commitment is built on a foundation of character moulding to discover and develop talent and skills for the achievement of the core purpose of learning- to effect change in our society. Through our total learning activities, we undertake to re-awaken the love for books in each child by making sure that they are inspired to learn-read, write, apply as well as align with contemporary digital learning methods.
Our skilled and passionate educators explore every learning resource to make a difference in every child, and see that the foundations are laid for them to become what they have been purposed to become.
At Amville School, your 18 months to 11 year olds have unquantifiable excellence delivered to them using exciting and challenging range of learning activities in an ideal environment which guarantees continuous improvement and development.

Our Vision

We are a caring school, committed to setting a solid foundation for lifelong learning, providing pre-school, primary and middle school education for boys and girls. We are professionals operating within ethical standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding, rounded independent education through a balanced curriculum in a caring, vibrant and stimulating environment, operated by professionals. We aim to foster an eagerness to learn and indeed maximize the potential of each child.

Core Values

Team work
Service to the society

Profile and History of Amville School

Five pupils were enrolled when Amville School, Ilupeju opened in 2006. One of them was the daughter of the Visionary. This is no doubt a very subtle statement of intent, because you would expect a caring mother to give the best to her child! All these ‘freshers’, came to a new school with fresh ideas influenced by the beauty of a robust blend of the British and Nigerian Curriculum (as well as the Montessori Curriculum at Pre- School), envisioning a school that would hold the development of the child at the very centre of its being. They were not far from the mark because our strong belief is in providing the right platform for every child to develop and maximize potentials while preparing them for global citizenship and a future of their own, characterized by technology.

Amville’s fundamental belief is that learning should be fun: not just by rote or theories on child psychology, but with lively classroom demonstrations that solicit active participation from the pupils. The school believes that education should lead to the complete development of the child — mentally, physically, and morally. Through the Amville experience, all Amville children would develop into confident, lifelong, inquisitive learners and global democratic citizens.

Amville pupils must use their knowledge to improve the community– to make things better, fairer and purer. Our Year Six pupils graduate (link to page), not only with vast knowledge, but also with heart and soul.

For seven years, Amville has stayed true to its core values – Christ, Care, Excellence, Team Work and Service to the Society. The school has been safely guided by its motto: More Than Just Education! Conscious of the fact that her curriculum is a major selling point, Amville has sought for and is now a Cambridge exam Centre and QCA International school. The school has also been granted full membership of AISEN (Association of International School Educators of Nigeria). In due course, memberships for other associations, both local and international, shall be finalized.

An inclusive eclectic curriculum; tested and tried, is one of our pillars. The Secondary section is in the offing: plans are at an advanced stage and we shall hit the ground running, sooner rather than later.


Situated in the serene and secure Ilupeju community, Amville School is the brain child of Mrs. Mosun Owo-Odusi. Her vision for a wholesome and well-rounded education for every child was formed as she gathered experience from working in various schools of repute.

The opportunity presented itself to make her dreams, which she had nursed over the years, happen when a run-down duplex on the adjoining Olowogbowo Street, came up on the market. Her ideas quickly played out in the transformation of that premises to what is today known as Amville School.

Through her firm belief in God, husband’s support and hard work, the dedication and opening ceremony was held on 30th August 2006, while the school graciously opened its doors to its first five ‘customers’ on September 18th 2006 with a few staff buoyed by a “Dream Team” Board of Directors made up of six well-grounded industry heavy weights, ably chaired by Chief Mrs. Rita Akinlade, a former state director of NYSC and first Nigerian principal of St. Louis Grammar School, as well as Mr. Akin Owo-Odusi and other distinguished experts.

Amville School, “The I AM’s Ville” (The Lord’s place), was a name given to the visionary and her husband, many years before its opening. Day One was exciting and all were expectant. Our doors opened with our precious ones whose names are etched in the history of the school; Motun, Tobi, El-Amin, Ugochukwu and Oluwabuyikumi.

By the end of the first year, there were pupils in all classes, up to Year Three. Year four to six classes were added in the following session. By 2007, the population had grown to the point that the school had to initiate a search for a new space. As fate would have it, a bigger property right behind the premises came up on the real estate market, which the school grabbed with both hands.

Till date, Amville has witnessed a steady, progressive growth in the quality and quantity of pupils and staff despite its teething challenges. So far, a total of twenty six Amville pupils have proceeded to secondary schools of repute, from years six and five classes (see link). Leveraging on the experience of the highly skilled staff, Amville has consistently maintained high standards in pupils’ overall development – academics, social and emotional.

Our People

As a leading private school in Lagos, Amville’s manpower development policy recognizes the invaluable contribution that human resources make to the growth and development of the children in its care. Consequently, the school employs teachers at the graduate level, with at least three years of proven cognitive experience.

Amville School takes pride in empowering its staff. The school invests heavily with partnerships from the parent body (the Parents Consultative Forum), in the enrichment of human resource each year via training and retraining – locally and internationally: to update, refresh and reshape their thinking. (list of trainings, workshops and conferences staff attended). This is the bedrock of our quest for excellence, giving no room to mediocrity. Staff members are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, as educators should be “chief learners”. The visionary, who is a passionate trainer of trainers herself, champions this cause.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Amville School, Care is a well celebrated Core Value.


Since inception, it has made it a point of duty to support the less privileged and foster empathy for the less fortunate children.


The school undertakes regular visits to orphanages and homes, including The Little Saints orphanage, Heritage homes, Innercity Mission school, Modupe Cole Memorial school, among others. Old Peoples’ Homes within the vicinity are not left out.