ED’s Letter

Our dearly beloved families & friends,

It’s usually very heartwarming to have a rare opportunity as this to welcome friends, parents/guardians, families and children to our website. We rejoice at this because it’s an evident token of your acceptance and consequent patronage as you give us the chance to partner with you in this God-given role of child rearing. We cannot be thankful enough.

On this platform, we bring you inspiring and exciting updates of the work we are doing with the children you have entrusted in our care to develop their minds and ensure an enduring love for learning, service, friendship and leadership building aimed at redefining our world and combined future for good success.

To attain these audacious goals, we have put in place a friendly and stimulating environment where caregivers have committed their hearts and spirits to deliver your expectations. There’s no stopping us in this resolve and because you have our backs, we are persuaded beyond every iota of doubt that we have you covered. It’s just that simple.

Our doors are always open through our various channels.

We welcome you and may God bless you surely.

Sincerely yours,

Mosun Owo-Odusi.

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