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I have the unreserved pleasure to welcome you to the Amville School website. Let me start by assuring you that Amville is a home away from home and so you are guaranteed a total homey experience in every way.

Amville School prides itself as a perfect example of a 21st Century school: stimulating learner-centered environment, IT compliant/based delivery, professional and continuously improving staff, creative and critical-thinking learning perspectives and a mixed curriculum – British, Montessori in the Pre-School and Nigerian in the Primary Section.

Our Schemes of Work are planned based on the philosophy of “building a total child” to align with the school’s motto: “It’s more than just Education,” and to truly achieve our home school model.

We have moved from good to great knowing full well that a good school lives in the present; while a great school is present, pro-active and  implements the curriculum to the letter. Here our human resource proves itself truly world-class spotting the toga motivated, trained, experienced and passionate. Amville is strategically set up beyond being a school. It is a workshop that incubates and hatches innovators.

Amville welcomes and espouses diversity with excellent morals, inculcating civic education and scriptural values from cradle. Our expectations on our children are very high with the rich intimacy of a close knit community where unconditional love flows like a fountain. This is made possible by the synergy of teacher, parent and children: the school, the home and the society.

We have earned for ourselves a pride of place within a short time by graduating children into various benchmark schools (see “Our Track Record”), validating our claim to academic excellence.

Why not prove us by paying us a visit today? We look forward to welcoming you earnestly.

Thank you very much.

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