Key Stage One

In Amville School, we run the British Curriculum blended richly with the Nigerian curriculum in the primary section. Under the British curriculum, years 1 – 6 are divided into two key stages; Key Stage 1 and 2.
Key Stage one is the bedrock for the higher classes and comprises of year one and two. This is why we aim to make sure we lay a solid foundation for our children at this key stage. Our teachers are professionally qualified to handle all spheres of learning in this key stage before they move on to the next level. They sit for the first stage of the SATs in year 2 to qualify for this.

YR1 BF_thumb
Year One BD
YR1 OD_thumb
Year One OD
Year Two
Nursery 2 Classroom of the Week

Our lovely Reception corner and Nursery 2 classroom.

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