Our People

Our unique strength is our people. Without them, there is no Amville School. This is the reason we evolved a policy focused on Manpower Development. Thus, we are devoted to continuous development of our workforce to keep them abreast of the ever changing trends in the learning and development space to accommodate our integrated curriculum . By this, the total needs of the child are met.

The Amville person is empowered courtesy sundry local and international training engagements tailored towards specific staff professional needs. Partnering with the Parents’ Consultative Forum, the school invests heavily in this area to update and reshape staff thinking to align with changes in the field and blaze the trail for the attainment of its daring goals.

This is the foundation of our endless quest for excellence in child-centered education. We therefore have no space for mediocrity. As chief learners, our educators and caregivers take responsibility for their learning via institutionalised mentoring by the visionary, herself a passionate and accomplished trainer.

Do you desire to be a part of the Amville team of professional educators? Upload your CV and cover letter to: info@amvilleschool.com or hr4amville@gmail.com

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➧ Minimum of Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. A B.Ed. is preferable

➧ Minimum of 3 years teaching experience

➧ Excellent communication skills

➧ IT literacy

➧ Fervent love for children