Soon To Be An Alumnus

What is the most important thing has Amville School taught you?

Neso Ikejiaku

“Amville is a wonderful school which changed me in many ways especially in my academics aspect and in my behaviours. In Amville, I have learnt a lot and I believe that this school is the best school in the world. They know where you are good in and as well how to help you improve where you need to. They know who is ready and who is not. Amville know the right measures to take to prepare you.”

Damola Onitilo

“The most important thing Amville has done for me is teaching me that you trust your struggle. When I work hard, I always feel angry but I have realized that angriness would not do anything for you, but when you work hard, it brings success.”

Kolawole Marvelyn

“The most important thing Amville for me in my life is that she taught me very well on how to speak out in public. She also helped me pass all my common entrance examinations.”


“Amville School is a school of love. It shows great examples to the students. Amville has done many things for me ever since I was a little child. Amville has always taught me to be the best I could. It is wonderful school.”


Anjola Badmos

Amville School is the best school I had ever been to. Amville has done a lot for me but the most important is leadership, this school knows who is ready and who is not ready. Amville also knows the future of all of us. I know who has helped me, it is of course, my teacher, Mr Mba; my Head Teacher, Mr Dele-Abrahams; my Executive Director, Mrs Owo-Odusi. For me, this is what I will never forget from this school and this is also the most important thing that Amville has done to me

Odutola Shalom

“Leadership camp was the best and most important thing/event that Amville have added to my life.”

Arowolo Oluwatamilore

“The most important thing that Amville School has done in my life is to create an ambition for education. Without Amville, I wouldn’t have been educated and I would have been a dullard.”

Dumebi Chijioke

‘The most important thing Amville did for me is to impact knowledge and when we went to “Let’s Play”’

Oluwatobi Ologunoye

“I have stayed in Amville for 2 ½ years and so far, Amville has been great. Amville introduced me to different sport and activities. It also improved my learning, handwriting and speech skills. Amville introduced me to amazing teachers and students and that is the most important thing Amville has done for me.”

Alabi Oluwafolabomi

“The most important thing Amville School has done for me is that they have given me the best education.”